Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Problem statements

For current situation, FSKM still uses manually way of select caterer. Student come to Pejabat Pengurusan akademik then they choose a caterer at the book that been given to them. This is low efficiency way. It can be time consuming for making decision of choosing the right caterer.

Data or profile caterers are not easily up to date and must rewrite the book to update the some changes. It is also must to reduce of using a paper to avoid from waste of paper and cost.


The aim of this project is to develop the Caterer Selection Portal to help students and others in choosing caterer with budget limited and to computerized system that can be easily updated.


This system has three (3) objectives:

1. To identify the requirements need of Caterer Selection Portal system.

2. To design the prototype for Caterer Selection Portal System.

3. To develop the Caterer Selection Portal system.

research background

Caterers provide food for parties, events and institutions. They can serve meals to 500 people in a banquet hall or deliver box lunches to a small business meeting. Caterers adapt to their clients' needs in many ways. They may adjust menus for dietary considerations or offer equipment (refrigeration units, popcorn makers, etc.) for special event rental. Many factors go into operating a catering business, including customer service, sales and venue setup.

Budget consideration is an estimate of the available cost for product or project calculated based on available information.
Four types of budget considerations that need to be emphasized are:

1. Planning estimate: 
A rough estimation of cost within a reasonable range of values, prepared for information purposes only.

2. Budget estimate:
An estimation based on early clear cost data, prepared for planning purpose only.

3. Maximum or minimum estimate:
The maximum or minimum estimate must not to exceed the estimate and also not less than estimate required to fulfill the need.

Caterer Selection with budget consideration is a web portal system that applies to find a right caterer from a list of caterer that suitable with budget needed. This system is to be used in Fakulti Sains Komputer dan Matematik (FSKM) helpful for students that have events that need to choose right caterer to serve food. In this system, it will help to compare prices, menus and service with other caterer and matching it with most suitable caterer.


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Introduction my Title

My title is Caterer Selection Portal.

A problem that i want to solve is caterer selection with budget consideration. It will compare prices,menus and services and match it with budget.

Target user : student in FSKM